Updated November 15th, 2023
The VFW Hall is available for Rent.  Please contact us by E-mail at VFW4031@bresnan.net or call us at (970) 247-0384 for details. If there is no answer, please leave a message and our Hall Rental Coordinator will get back with you shortly.
The following is some information regarding the facilities VFW Post 4031 has for rent.  

Main Hall:  $600.00 per day of the event.  Occupancy limit 330 people

Downstairs/Lower Hall:  Newly remodeled, the lower hall is available to rent. The Lower Hall has 6 TVs, and a fully equipped commercial kitchen. The rental costs are $600 or $750 (with kitchen) per day of the event.  Occupancy limit 250 people

Additional costs may include:

If you wish to reserve the hall the day before your event to decorate, or wish to return and clean up on the day after your event, we may charge an additional $100 for the additional day IF the hall is available. Set up and clean up must be coordinated when you reserve the hall.

If you would like a bar in the hall to be open during all or part of your event we will provide a bartender for $100. If your event will have more than 100 guests will provide two bartenders for $200. 

If you have specific drink requests we can accommodate you if you let us know at least 30 days in advance of your event.  All alcohol must be purchased through the VFW Post 4031 in accordance with our liquor license and state law.  

If you are reserving the hall for multiple events, charity events or memorial services please let us know.  We will work with you to reduce our rates.

If you would like for us to clean the hall after your event the cleaning fee is $300.

Kitchen: $150.00 per day.  Our kitchen is a fully functional commercial facility and we provide refrigerator and freezer space. The kitchen is located on the lower level and its used is included in the rental cost of the lower hall.  

Lower Hall Serving Area:  $75 per day.  If your event is catered and you do not need to use the kitchen, we provide a steam table and serving area.  Refrigerator and freezer storage space is included.

Back Yard: $150.00 per day.  Our backyard is on the river and includes the use of one Easy Up Tent and our picnic tables.  If you wish to use the back yard and reserve the Hall in case of inclement weather, we will require a deposit of $400 to hold the hall if it is available.

Tables and Chairs:  If you wish to borrow folding tables and chairs for an event at another location, or for set up outside in our back yard the fee is $5 per table and $1 per chair.

Grill:  You can bring you own, or use our grill outside for $25.   

Ice:  You are encouraged to bring your own ice.  If necessary, we can provide ice for $25 per event. 
Click here to see the VFW 4031 Rental Contract. Please fill out the contract and return it to the Post.
Click on the icon below to see and download our Hall Rental Brochure.


Upstairs Hall

This is a photo of our Upstairs Hall which is available for rent.

This is a photo of the Upstairs Hall Fully decorated for a wedding
Downstairs Hall


 Downstairs Hall Main Seating Area


 Downstairs Hall Serving Area
Professional Kitchen
Kitchen Cooking Area
Kitchen Cleanup Area