This page provides pictures and biographies of VFW Post 4031 Staff Members without which the Post would not function. These folks are key personnel who contribute a great deal to the success of our Post. 
Rachel Campbell
Although Rachel Campbell was too young for Desert Storm/Enduring Freedom in 1990-1991, she was a member of the U.S. Navy as a Gunner’s Mate, which meant her primary job was operating naval guns as she also deployed to the Persian Gulf on the USS Bataan in 2013.
She left for civilian life in 2019.

"It was a great adventure,” she said of her time in the Navy. "I learned a lot.”

Now, she tends bar at the VFW 4031. In January 2022, she worked as a bar hostess for a celebration of life event at the VFW’s spacious downstairs hall.  "I’ve been here since ten a.m. getting everything ready,” she said as she hauled a case of bottled liquor downstairs to the party in progress. 

All things considered, Rachel is upbeat about her current employment. "It is a lot of work, but it is well worth it.”


 Jessica Fairchild

Jessica Fairchild has a special place in her heart for the bar patrons of the VFW 4031. The former theater major says, "I use my degree every day.”

The Denver native was at her usual spot behind the bar at the VFW preparing the cheery watering hole for the inevitable daily entrance of the regulars. It was the start of her third month at the VFW. 

 "I really love working here,” she commented. In addition to her duties at the VFW, she also tends bar for the American Legion across town. "After all, I love to serve those who served,” she quipped. 

 Jessica summed up her job when she said, "After a while, you get to know the folks you see all the time. You know what they like to drink almost before they’ve ordered it.”


Clarissa Kountz

Carissa Kountz hails from Kentucky and works at the VFW as a barista and server. The mother of an eighteen-month-old baby boy, she says her now four months working at the VFW has "been wonderful.”

"We have a pretty good crew here,” she said as she mixed a drink for a noontime patron. "It is a fun job to have,” she added.

Getting acclimated to the Durango winters was not a problem for Carissa, as she has seen plenty of winter weather before in Kentucky. "It gets pretty cold back there, but the winters here are a lot different.”

Of course, her main priority is her son Cassius. "Oh my goodness, he is so cute,” she gushed.